Email signatures can be quite tricky to do correctly. Many email programs try to make it easier for non-technical people to create signatures within their mail programs but it usually results in the nuisance of image attachments being appended to every single email that person sends.

Over time this can create tens of thousands of image attachments being unnecessarily stored within your email. This could mean the difference between 100kb of mail storage used versus 1GB of storage.

This problem can be avoided by using what are called html email signatures which (when done correctly) merely display an image that’s stored on your webserver instead of physically attaching a new copy to every email that you send.

That way there is only one copy of your signature’s file(s) ever in existance anywhere. And if you ever change that image in the future, it will update everywhere instantly. Even in emails that were sent in the past. (Great if you ever rebrand with a new logo.)

The incorrect method

Use your email program to create an email signature.

The correct method

Have a professional web developer create an HTML email signature for your staff. A professional web developer will understand the differences between regular html code like you would use on a website and html code that's written specifically for displaying in email. (The differences are actually quite significant.)

Have a look at the emails you recieve from the staff at Skunkworks. A beautiful signature with several different images used throughout and not one of them is an attachment to the email.

This is an email signature done right.

If you’re interested in having html email signatures designed and coded by our team, contact us for more details.