If CloudFlare is in use and you want to add Sucuri’s WAF/Firewall protection to it, this guide should help you get that configured. First, this is how the traffic flow will be:


With that in mind, we’ll need to setup the following:

  1. CloudProxy pointing to Hosting Provider, as normally it is.
  2. Cloudflare pointing to CloudProxy. Note: If you find this complicated, open a support ticket with Sucuri and their team will get you all setup.

Step by step.

  1. Enable the CDN option on the CloudProxy Dashboard setting it to CloudFlare. Just like this image: 


  2. On CloudProxy we need to make sure that the internal (hosting) IP address is actually pointing to your hosting company IP address and not CloudFlare. If the site was previously live at CloudFlare when you added it, you will need to manually edit the internal IP address to point to your hosting. 


  3. Inside CloudFlare’s Zone File for your domain, you need to add our Firewall IP address in there: 


  4. Ensure CloudFlare is set to active with the orange cloud.

That’s it. For the other CDN providers, the process should be similar.