Opus Digital Marketing

Sends unsolicited, computer generated, spam emails reading:

Hi [Wordpress_username],

I was browsing your industry, trying to help a client and landed on your website. I noticed that you had some critical mistakes with your website that is costing you money because your competitors have it and you don’t. 

I made a short, personal video for you to show you what I’m talking about. 

    [Website thumbnail with a mock video play button overlay. No link.]

Who is the best person on your team to send this to?

Shane How


Office: 844-293-1026 Ext. 402shane@opusdigitalmarketing.com


We're classifying this as a scam because:

  1. Unsolicited email
  2. Breaks the US's FTC CAN-SPAM laws
  3. Breaks Canada's CASL laws
  4. Clearly written by automated programs
  5. Disingenuous
  6. Uses the FUD principle to drive sales leads.