About this feature

Google has a feature which allows search users to ask questions about a business and get answers from other search users or the business owners themselves. This feature is located within search result pages (SERPs) The feature is intended by Google to be used like:

Q. Does this restaurant have high seats for infants - User A

A. I was there last week and I saw two there. - User B

Q. Do they sell Good Year brand tires? - User C

A. We only the brands listed on our website. - by Business Owner

If someone were to ask a legal question in this spot the business owner would probably want to reply with something along the lines of:

A. We cannot provide legal advice here, but please get in touch with us to discuss and we’d be happy to help you. - Business Owner

The question can also be flagged for removal by Google moderators if it contains undesired content.


  • Google currently doesn’t have an email notification system in place for user questions posted in this place. has recently started sending email notifications of newly asked questions.
  • No notifications are visible within Google My Business.
  • The only way (Unfortunately) as of the date of this writing to receive notifications of new questions is via notifications through the Google Maps App for iOS and Android.
  • You can also recieve notifications through the Google Maps App for iOS and Android.
    1. Download the app for Android or for iOS
    2. Log in to the App with the same Google account that is set as an owner of the business listing within Google My Business.

      IMPORTANT: Remember that you are logged in to Maps as the business when you are using the Maps App on your device in the future. For example and public actions you take like posting a review for some other businesses (eg: a restaraunt) will appear to others as being posted by your business. You don’t want people seeing a review like Our food was cold! Terrible service by our waiter as being posted by your firm.

How to answer questions

Unfortunately Google hasn’t provided an easy interface within Google My Business for business owners to easily answer any user questions that may exist. This will no doubt change in some way when Google gets around to it. The only way to do this currently is from within the search results page.

  1. Do a search for your business' name at http://google.ca/
  2. Within the search result page (SERP) you’ll see a Knowledge Graph panel on the right side of the page which is filled with information populated from your business listing in Google My Business as well as from other sources.
  3. Within that panel you’ll see a section within there labelled Questions & Answers and a link below it labelled See all questions (#) Click that link.
  4. You’ll see a link labelled Answer below each question listed there. Clicking this link will let you answer the question using a Google profile. 
    • NOTE: When answering questions it would be best to be logged in as the same Google account which is set as the Owner of the business listing within Google My Business. This will ensure that the answer appears to come from the business itself. If you’re unsure which email address is associated with the Google account send an inquiry to technical@skunkworks.ca and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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