It may be necessary to update the URL (webpage link) of your Company Page if your company name changes. If you’re an assigned Company Page administrator you can contact Linkedin to request an update to your Company Page URL.


  • Updates to the Company Page name, URL, and logo changes the way that profile work experience appears for all of your current and former employees on LinkedIn. Please consider creating a new page before proceeding with a change.
  • Changing your company name does not automatically change the URL and you will have to request that we update the information. URL and company name changes are subject to availability. It is not possible to have multiple URLs for your Company Page. For example, your old URL will not redirect to your new URL.
  • All Company Pages have a permanent secondary URL that contains an identification number specific to each page. The permanent secondary URL is an address link that will automatically appear in the URL field when accessing different features on a Company Page and can also be used to direct traffic to the page.

Keep in mind that once a URL has changed, the old URL will then be made available for another Company Page to claim.

Learn more about editing your Company Page.