About the Wordpress Mobile App

Some clients may want the ability to draft or publish content while on the go from their mobile devices. This is possible with the official Wordpress App.

Before you can make use of it though there are some steps you will need to go through and Skunkworks will need to disable some security options that are in place by default for our client websites.

Steps to install

  1. Tell Skunkworks you wish to use the Wordpress mobile app. Once we’re informed, we will need to make a change to your website’s security settings before you will be able to proceed further. We will also check our client records for your firm for information that you are likely to need for the setup process.
  2. To use the App you will require an account on Wordpress.com. Wordpress.com is different than Wordpress.org which is where people obtain their own copy of Wordpress to install and run on their own web server hosting. This option is called Self-hosted. Despite the fact that your firm’s version of Wordpress is a self-hosted version which originates from the .orgdomain, you will need a .com account to use the mobile app.

    • Create a Wordpress.com account. You will see two options presented there.
      1. The option to fill out your email address, pick a username, and select a password.
      2. The option to log in with an existing Google account (Continue with Google)
    • The option you select here will depend on whether your firm already has a Google account or not. (Hint: It should and probably does. This is the desired option.) If you are unsure about whether a Google account exists for your firm, ask us. It most likely already exists and it’s better to utilize that existing Google account than to proceed with a new Google account or by utilizing the wrong Google account.
      When you click to Continue with Google you be presented with a Google login screen. You will want to log in with the Google account that belongs to your firm. Not with a personal Google account. Enter the details for your firm’s Google account as specified by Skunkworks to create an account and login to Wordpress.com. Once you’ve done this, you can close your browser window and move on to the next step.
  3. Download the app on any/all devices that you want to use the app on. You can also find it easily by searching your device’s app store for the word Wordpress and downloading the app made by Automaticc which is the same company that makes Wordpress.

  4. Log in to the Wordpress app on your device using your Google account details.

  5. You're done!

The Mobile App login process…

Developer notes:

The security setting Skunkworks will change is an option within iThemes Security called Disable XML-RPC which must be enabled for the Wordpress mobile App to work. This feature may also need to be disabled from within the website’s htaccess file.