Based upon an article originally authored by Quttera Ltd. Sep 10, 2013. Updated for 2018 by Skunkworks.

This post lists several (not all) blacklisting authorities and how to submit your site for (re)testing by them after you’ve made sure your website no longer hosts malware, spam or any other potentially harmful content.

You can start with online scanning via VirusTotal and/or Quttera online scanner. When reviewing the reports make a list of vendors that detect your website.

For example in VirusTotal report:

In detection ratio you can see the number of detected engines. Below, in the Analysis tab find URL scanners that mark your site as Malware site. Later we’ll see hot to request a retesting by them.

In Quttera security report. In addition to the Blacklisting you see the file-by-file breakdown with all potentially suspicious content. Expand the Scanned files analysis tab and review the threat dump for each file. Go on and check manually each one of them on your server. Remove the threat and try to re-scan again.

Once you’re sure your website is clean you can continue to the next stage of the process - submit for review/ re-test.

Submit website for review by blacklisting authorities

First, it is important to mention that it is time-consuming and the results are not immediate. With Google, for example, it might take up to 3-4 days. So the key is to be patient. Below is the list that is not complete but will be a good start.

1. Google Safe Browsing

You can see what Google has on file for your site here. Google recommends submitting the site to 

The process for review via Search Console is described here:

2. Sophos

To access the form go to the Sophos Support - Submit a Sample page and select (URL).

  1. Enter Web Address (URL) that is needed to be reassessed.
  2. Select Product/Services.
  3. Enter your Name, Email address, License number of your product and Company name.
  4. Enter comment, if any.
  5. Click on Submit URL.

Note: When you submit a categorization request it will be reviewed and re-classified as quickly as possible, though it may take up to 5 business days once a site is re-classified, for it to be available on your Sophos product.

3. Fortinet

Submit review request as follows:

  1. Enter your website URL here and click lookup

  1. When the report is generated scroll fown to the Classification/Rating request and fill the form. Click submit. You can add screenshot as well.

4. Bitdefender

The only way we found is to register in the Forum and ask for website review.

5. Scumware

We found just simple contact form

In the message section ask them to review your site.

6. McAfee Site Advisor

In the User Feedback page fill in the form and choose the Type of inquiry as Submit a site for (re) testing.


It is always a head-ache to get out of blacklists, so preventive measures and monitoring are essential steps to avoid this.

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