Despite best efforts by Skunkworks developers it is possible that some bad emails may reach your inbox via your website forms from spammers.

Preventing these emails is a two person job (with the "persons" being your website, and your mail server.)

The Website

Skunkworks does everything it can to prevent these emails from the website side. This is including but not limited to:

  • Laying a trap for bots (Called a honeypot) for bots to fall into and get stuck but not legitimate humans.
  • Putting a Captcha (an "Are you human?" checkbox) on your forms if necessary.
  • Configuring your website's Firewall to cut down on bot traffic. (Additional more powerful options exist in paid Cloudflare plans than their free plans which you may be currently using.)

Your mail server

The mail server side of things is out of Skunkworks hands though and is the responsibility of your firm's I.T.

It may be worth checking if everything that can be done, is being done on your end. Does your mail server utilize a good spam filter? Ask your I.T. people.

As a last ditch effort you can change some settings on your individual mail program to prevent the junk emails from reaching your inbox on the last step of their journey.

Here is some documentation from Microsoft on how to

Your firm's mail server may have options to do this for all staff at once without each staff member having to adjust this setting individually. Check with your I.T. people on that.