It’s easy to think of Yelp as just a free listing service that will also help with your web presence and tie into Apple Maps. The important thing to remember is that Yelp is a business that depends on revenue just like you. Yelp has a very proactive sales team whose goal is to convert you from a free user to a paid user through various paid profile upgrade options.

That being said, if you are a business owner, on Yelp, and have a phone number, Yelp WILL phone you in a sales capacity. Some clients may find the sales calls disruptive and wish to stop them from being made.

Stopping Yelp’s sales calls

To stop Yelp's sales calls there are 2 options you can take.

  1. When Yelp phones you, direct them to speak to Skunkworks about your Yelp profile instead of your firm directly. Provide them with our phone number and your Account manager’s name.

  2. Preferred: Ask to be added to Yelp’s internal Do not call list. (Which they should honor.)

Are you concerned that Yelp may genuinely have something of interest to your business that you may not be taking advantage of? Rest assured that Skunkworks' staff are fluently familiar with all of Yelp’s paid offerings and the benefits of each of them. In fact we have it all documented in our internal wiki.

Skunkworks' staff are also far more versed than Yelp’s sales staff in how lawyers are allowed to use Yelp without breaking any Law Society rules.

Did you know? Yelp encourages businesses to descibe themselves in their profile using a field labelled specialties. Both the Law Society of British Columbia as well as the Law Society of Upper Canada specifically prohibit lawyers from marketing themselves as specialists

Talk to your account manager about your businesses' Yelp options and we can skip the Yelp sales talk and tell you no-nonsense what the available options are to you, whether they will be of a benefit to you, and what they will cost your firm.

Regardless of all the extra bells and whistles a Yelp profile *could* have, the most important thing a Yelp profile can have aside from a completed profile is reviews.