1. In Google Search

Within the context of search "Sitelinks" refers to the six popular sub-page links that may be displayed for a search result in Google. These are selected by Google based on their algorithms but it is possible for a site owner to manually specify which links are used here through the use of carefully crafted Structured Data

2. In Adwords

The Sitelinks feature in AdWords that allows you to provide up to 6 additional destination URLs for users to your siteThis allows you to direct customers to the most relevant page on your site.

By providing users with more options, you can make your ads more targeted and relevant to a wide variety of customers

In your AdWords account up to 10 Sitelinks are specified in order of priority, each linking to a different landing page.

AdWords will display the 6 most relevant ones depending on a user’s search, or the 4 most relevant links on mobile devices.

The benefits of Sitelinks

  • Get more relevant customers to your website by using Sitelinks to expand the message around your product or service
  • Improve the profitability of your search campaigns by boosting your ad’s clickthrough rate by around 10-20%
  • Improve your ads’ conversion rates with highlyrelevant landing pages
  • Highlight promotions - this allows you to updateyour ads with seasonal or promotional offers without making changes to your keywords