The Conversion Optimizer is a free AdWords automatic bid management system

It’s based on Cost-Per-Conversion and does not affect the Cost-Per-Click It is designed to get you more conversions at a lower cost

“We’ve seen the campaigns we’ve used Conversion Optimizer on increase in ROI about 200%, the cost per acquisition go down about 40%, and our conversion percentage go from 0.5% to 2.0%.”

— Tad Dooling, Online Marketing Manager, CafePress

Why use it

The Conversion Optimizer can increase conversions whilst reducing your CPA

On average, campaigns adopting the Conversion Optimizer achieve a 21% increase in conversions while decreasing their CPA by 14%

How it works

  • It observes - The Conversion Optimizer studies your conversion tracking data to figure out how often each type of auction leads to a conversion
  • It builds - Based on observed past performance, the Conversion Optimizer creates a prediction model to estimate which auctions will perform best for you in the future
  • It optimizes - The Conversion Optimizer adjusts your bids on an ongoing basis, ensuring your money is efficiently invested in the best auctions. It generates an ad rank by your CPA bid, Quality Score and predicted conversion rate

Bidding options

  • Maximum cost-per-acquisition - This is the most you’re willing to pay for each conversion
  • Target cost-per-acquisition - This is the average amount you’re willing to pay for each conversion

Benefits to using it

  • Increase your profits - Campaigns adopting the Conversion Optimizer typically achieve an increase in conversions and a decrease in their CPA
  • Easy to use - Spend less time managing your bids
  • There’s no additional charge - Access Conversion Optimizer within your AdWords account with no extra fees or new interfaces to learn